The Inspire Youth Australia Foundation actively seeks to inspire and motivate our local youth to become involved within the community – to mature into leaders equipped with the right knowledge and training to take on the future. Our vision is to enable our young people to reach their full potential through educational training and leadership development. Our focus is youth who are from all walks of life and target those from disadvantaged backgrounds by providing assistance and support so they can become future leaders in the community.

The objectives of the Foundation is to directly or indirectly:

  • Engage and support young people’s participation in communities as leaders at a social and regional level
  • Encourage young people to volunteer in their communities
  • Assist in the development of young people’s community leadership and management skills for the benefit of communities
  • To provide mentoring and leadership training to our disadvantaged youth; especially those in areas with barriers to developmental training.

Activities implemented to assist our youth in achieving these goals:

  • To partner with local community organisations, government agencies, charities and businesses to provided leadership training to our young people.
  • To provide scholarships to emerging leaders, indigenous and marginalised youth so that barriers to these activities are overcome
  • To provide volunteering activities for disadvantaged youth in underprivileged communities so they can develop leadership skills and outcomes for those in less fortunate situations than themselves
  • To conduct leadership training days that will develop the skills to become community focused and youth ambassadors



Superheroes Events Limited is a non-for-profit volunteer company that organises Shoalhaven Superheroes. Shoalhaven Superheros is a collaboration of fiction-based events held throughout the entire Shoalhaven in order to build and a grow a sense of community whilst encouraging and recognising volunteerism within the region. This organisation plays a key role in recognising community members who selflessly give back to the Shoalhaven for the sole purpose of seeing the people and region prosper! The organised events are a great way to develop team-work skills and leadership qualities – Inspire Youth Australia Foundation supports the ‘youth’ category of events and are proud to partner with Shoalhaven Superheroes in supporting the Shoalhaven in as many ways as we collectively can.

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